Infinity Angioplasty Balloon Company

Introducing INFINITY Precision Angioplasty®

The world’s most advanced PTA balloon catheters

Infinity Angioplasty Balloon™ Company has developed the world’s most advanced PTA balloon catheters for minimally invasive treatment of infra-inguinal PAD. Based on a highly innovative and proprietary technology, INFINITY Precision Angioplasty® balloons adjust to any length lesion, 40mm – 250mm IN VIVO with precision controlled by the interventionalist – covering 95%+ of PAD size needs (length x diameter).


Infinity completes First-In-Human PRECISION ANGIOPLASTY

INFINITY Angioplasty Balloon Catheter™ Receives 510(k) Clearance



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Two breakthrough platforms


Our workhorse for POBA for real-world lesions.

Cleared to market in US for iliac, femoral-popliteal and infrapopliteal lesions.

  • To the millimeter balloon/lesion coverage to reduce risk of dissection
  • One size fits most to reduce the cost of inventory management
  • Proprietary semi-compliant balloon construction to address 95% of patients needs
  • Designed to cross tough lesions with ease


Securely deliver DCB to the lesion site, reducing drug loss in transit, reducing risk of toxicity or downstream effects by delivering the exact amount of drug needed.

Not yet cleared to market in US.

J.A. Phillips, MD. Riverside Hospital, Columbus. Dec. 2020.

What they are saying in the lab

Very impressed by its technical robustness…

The INFINITY Angioplasty Balloon™ exceeded our expectations…

Excellent performance from every balloon we evaluated…

See it in action

Infinity Defender DCB™

Technical Specifications

Balloon Length(s)20mm – 250mm adjustable20mm – 250mm adjustable
Balloon Diameter(s)5.0 – 5.5mm; 6.0 – 6.5mm2.0; 2.5; 3.0mm
Catheter Working Length125 cm155 cm
Wire Size0.018 in./0.5mm0.014 in.
Introducer (Recommended)6 F (OTW)5 F (Monorail)
Nominal Pressure5 atm5 atm
Rated Burst Pressure14 atmTBD
RO Marker(s)0mm; 100mm; 200mm; 250mmTBD

About us

Founded in 2013 and developed in the lab of John Pigott, MD (Promedica Health System, Jobst Vascular Institute and Mayo Clinic trained vascular surgeon), the Company today is working with key opinion leaders in hospitals and OBL endovascular labs to participate in its limited market release of the PRECISION Angioplasty Balloon®.